New website for London-based architects, studioshaw.

Studioshaw is a small, modern architectural practice based in Shoreditch, London. The company prides itself on a vibrant studio culture and its collaborative work with makers, artists, designers and visualisers.

Tom Green had created its visual identity several years ago, but the client had more recently outgrown its Squarespace website and required something more bespoke, which reflected its values more closely, and showcased its projects in a more compelling way.

A design for every page of the new site was created by Tom, and I used these to build a bespoke WordPress theme. The designs were minimal but bold and cascading in style, telling the project stories in a modern, eye-catching and slightly off-piste way.

The challenge regarding the build was to give enough flexibility in the backend to allow for all the differences in individual project page layouts, while still making everything easy for the client to edit in WordPress. Other notable features are the logo on the homepage which draws itself as you scroll (Lottie animation), and the use of animated gifs to add a bit more character and movement to pages of the site.