A brand new online store for glass blowers, Rothschild & Bickers.

Rothschild & Bickers create sophisticated and unique lighting. They make beautiful hand-blown pendants, clusters and wall lights in their Hertford studio and display them in their Islington showroom.

In 2021 – to coincide with a new identity created by Tom Green – Vicki and Mark decided to embark on the major task of bringing their existing lighting accessories store (Shopify) and portfolio site (WordPress) together onto one platform. The project also needed to facilitate the purchase of made-to-order lights from their website for the first time, as well as give their online presence a brand new look and feel.

I was brought on board to create the new Shopify site, adding extra features as required, and to make sure that the site did everything the business needed in terms of functionality – all the while making sure the it looked beautiful.

From the outset, we knew that the biggest challenge was how to structure the customer journey within the parameters of Shopify – especially regarding the most configurable products, where customers can specify glass colour, metal finish and electrical flex. A second key challenge was the custom quote request, where predefined options were complex and varied from product to product.

First, I created the structure of the site, the relevant templates, and the theme options. Then, all the content for the site – including the great product shots and videos – were created in-house. This was a long process because pieces had to be made by hand before they could be photographed for the website, but the results are stunning.

This was simply a brilliant project to work on.

We soft-launched the site in November 2021 and we hope to officially launch early in 2022.