A new store for Neroh - responsibly sourced, wellness products

Neroh is all about shopping for health products, but consciously: it’s mission is to help people concerned with the “wellness” of the planet as well as their own, providing everything they need to make informed choices. Firstly, this is achieved by stocking only brands which have ethical values at their core. Secondly, all products are researched and tested by the company owners themselves. This means that they only sell products they believe in. They practice what they preach – every element of Neroh’s packaging is sustainably sourced and contributes to global reforestation.

It also means they accumulate a lot of expertise. The main way of shopping is via curated collections which focus on a specific wellness need, such as sleep, digestion, nutrition or recovery. They also endeavour to use their knowledge in answering customer questions. This is currently via an online chat app on the storefront, with a fuller consultation service to be launched in Phase 2.

The client wanted a site which was clean, minimal and calm but the brand assets had not yet been developed. So we chose a premium theme to get up and running – this could be adapted later. The client could then make a start on completing the product spreadsheet, and I could build the store’s pages, collections and products and add the extra theme options that we required.

Once the logo, icons and colour palette was ready, I added them to the site’s design and I coloured product logos using Neroh’s colours so they look good sitting next to each other in a grid. I also helped to source and prepare all product photography, isolating products onto a white background where possible. This gives the site a very clean and modern look that looks quite different to most online stores.

The site launched in April 2021 and I was pleased to place an order for two of their products immediately.