A website to showcase items for sale in Max Inc, London vintage furniture and lighting store.

Max Inc is a shop in West London that sells vintage furniture and lighting. While not an online shop, the website needed to showcase current and past pieces of furniture. It also needed to let customers enquire about specific pieces in stock. My brief was to do this within a simple, minimalist design.

The particular challenge of this project, was that all aspects of managing the site needed to be administered from the client’s iPhone. This included taking photographs of furniture in the shop’s studio area, writing the detail for each piece, tagging and publishing posts, and moving them to the “archive” as items were sold.

The first site, which I created in 2012, was built in WordPress, and we used the iOS app, “Poster”, to manage posts from an iPhone. However, not long afterwards, this app was sadly dropped by its developer, and over the following years there were increasing issues with it slowing the site down. So, in 2017, we decided to completely rebuild the site, removing the dependency on Poster.

We also gave it a slight re-design in the process, and added new functionality like the ability to mark items as on sale.

For the new site, I also used a more efficient templating system (Timber, which I now use for all my projects), lazyloading to increase page loading speeds, and introduced larger images for new posts.