A website to promote the local businesses of Rosedale Abbey, as well as its natural beauty to visitors.

I have had the pleasure of working with Rosedale Abbey based glass artists, Kate and Stephen of Gillies Jones for several projects now, so I was pleased to be involved with this one that had a rather different focus.

Kate’s brainchild was to launch the Rosedale Business Forum to promote the village and its local businesses to prospective visitors, and help drive traffic to its members’ individual websites. While Twitter was their channel of choice, a website was also very important to bring information together in a more permanent way.

The site’s blog is also used to make announcements to the local residents and to help present the village as a living-breathing vibrant community.

I designed the look and feel of the site and built it in WordPress. The site now gets over 11,000 page views in its busiest months (2016).