A new website to showcase paintings by artist Fiona Starr.

Fiona Starr is a self-employed artist in Leeds. Having recently given up her teaching job to pursue painting full time, she needed a website to showcase her work, and to enable her to sell more work in galleries around the country.

While there was no requirement to sell paintings online, as this was mainly handled through galleries, the website needed show prices and contact details for whoever held the artwork. Fiona also needed to be able to mark artworks that had been sold.

Fiona had very little website experience, so I gave her one-to-one tuition on how to use the WordPress backend. She has since been able to add new exhibitions and artworks herself.

In 2020, Fiona also asked me to design some business cards. I came up with a design and customisable assets that allowed Fiona to tailor the cards for each exhibition. Fiona’s now able to change the colour of the back of the business card and the painting on the front to suit her current exhibition and reupload to moo.com, without having to change any of the text in the template.