New website for 'new business' consultancy, WRADAR.

New business consultancy, WRADAR, helps its clients define their commercial growth objectives. It then delivers highly targeted sales campaigns to ensure those objectives become a reality.

The existing website needed a major refresh to address competition and align to shifting target audiences. The company wanted to explain their highly consultative approach in simpler, more accessible ways, moving away from what had historically been a copy-heavy approach. Finally, having notched up several exciting new partner stories, they sought to add a case studies section as well as an insightful blog.

As a team of sales and marketing experts, the client had both a keen eye for design and a clear vision for the output required. As such, it was vital that they chose a digital partner capable of interpreting the complex brief, offering both a strong creative response and good technical skills – a mix they had struggled to find in the past. Above all, they wanted to remain close to the project and contribute ideas at every key stage. Collaboration was key, so we used Invision (a digital product design collaboration platform) as part of the iterative design phase which ensured 100% visibility and a fluid but efficient working process for everyone involved. Once design concepts were approved, I created a custom theme in WordPress, enhanced by simple animations across each page, bringing their business offer to life.

The resulting website is edgy, with a strong personality – sporting a bold colour palette, hand drawn graphics, and other slick css effects (e.g. animated masks and subtle movement of elements), it presents the company in a fun and dynamic way. Critically, it serves to clarify what they do and how they do it in a tangible, straight-forward but compelling way. As well as vastly improving the overall user-experience and presentation of the brand, the newly created case study and blog pages have enabled better use of content delivery through social media, directly generating new sales.