A new website for London-based architects Mæ, to showcase their projects, research and publications.

Mae are an architectural, urban design and research practice based in London. In 2015, Mae appointed StudioSmall to define and develop their new identity, including a new logo, and various print assets. As part of this process, StudioSmall also designed a new website for the company.

I was employed to build the website in Craft, which was the client’s preference regarding a CMS, and this was my first time using this product.

Features of the site include retina image support and the ability to pin important posts to the homepage while other posts flow around them, and to relate posts and projects together. There were also very particular requirements about how the site should look and work on a phone.

The result of the project was a website which responds beautifully to the amount of space available, showcasing stunning imagery in a very user-friendly way.

Since launch, I have worked directly with Mæ, adding new features such as full screen video to the homepage, as required.