New website for EASAA, the European Association for South Asian Archaeology and Art.

Since 1970, the EASAA aims to forge links between scholars from around the world working in the disciplines of South Asian archaeology, art history, architecture and heritage and bring them together for a biannual conference, following which proceedings are published.

While the organisation had a logo and a website, the latter was very out of date and had many broken elements. I was approached by Professor Adam Hardy, then Chair of the EASAA and professor at Cardiff University, to quote for designing and building a new website. Its main purpose was to promote the biennial conference of the EASAA, and to create a place where information relating to each conference could be stored, as well as listing a large number of relevant publications (some of which were available as downloads), and giving a home to a substantial archive of photos.

I worked with Adam’s assistant, Dr Laxshmi Greaves Andrade, to compile the information, and I designed and built the website in WordPress.

It was great to work on an academic website for a change, especially with links to a University where I was once employed myself!