A new website for long-established architectural practice, DLG Architects.

DLG is a leading national architecture practice with offices in Leeds and London. They felt that the design and style of their existing site was out of date, cluttered, and didn’t adequately reflect a company known for the high quality of its design work.

They needed a new site that was clean, slick and which would quickly communicate that they’re an established practice – one of the longest-running national practices in the UK – a group of experts, but also young, enthusiastic and pushing sustainable, responsible and innovative design.

The visual presentation and celebration of imagery on the new site was critical, as was the ability of project pages to ‘tell a story’. A final part of the brief was to be able to use the site in pitches and presentations as part of the presentation itself.

The solution was to design a multitude of very flexible templates, while ensuring that the back end of the site was easy to use, allowing DLG to regularly add new content. I also added lightboxes throughout the site, enabling the client to easily switch between narrative and image-based views of projects.

DLG were a simply brilliant client to work with, and working through ideas about design and functionality within Invision was a process which worked particularly well.