Website for 'skateable architecture' research project, City Mill Skate.

The City Mill Skate project is a propsal for a set of skatable architecture features – ‘skate dots’ – to sit within a new campus of UCL (University College London). The campus is scheduled to open in London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in 2022.

As part of this project, City Mill Skate aims to establish a diverse community of skateboarders around the site of the future UCL East campus. The project will work with this community to develop, test and ultimately propose ideas for permanent skate dots. It will include design and making workshops, DIY build test projects, skate lessons and more. A new website is central to this process, in particular in the advent of the COVID lockdown, which prevented physical events from happening.

Graphic designer, Tom Green, worked closely with the client to develop an identity for City Mill Skate, including a logo, posters, pamphlets and a suite of web designs. I was employed to build the website in WordPress, creating a custom theme based on Tom’s designs, and to animate the logo (under Tom’s art-direction).

This website, with its quirky, colourful and over-sized design was a bit of a departure for me, as most of my work is super-minimal. But, it was a fun project and took me back to my agency days of creating campaign-led websites targeting young people.