1dayaweek. Mosodi's smart campaign to reduce car use.

1DAW is a ground-breaking behaviour-change campaign. It aims to reduce car use by encouraging commuters to leave their cars at home for one day a week, opting for a more sustainable method of travelling to work instead. The scheme is designed for businesses and councils, and is managed by the sustainable travel specialist, Mosodi. Monthly prize draws using a simple social media mechanic yields high participation rates among commuters. And several large-scale organisations, such as Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, have signed up over the last few years.

But the campaign now needed a more professional website. It needed to more clearly explain how the scheme works and to encourage businesses to join. It also needed a fresher look and feel – one that made full use of the campaign assets created by Sico Collective.

I worked closely with Chris Taylor, who devised the campaign, to create the new content for the site. And I designed a colourful and playful website that uses animated graphics to drive home the campaign’s message.